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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website for the proposed landscape-led residential development at Erlas Park, located east of Cefn Road in Wrexham. Our public consultation ran from Friday 5th April until Tuesday 7th May 2024 and has now closed.

This website was created to provide more information on our proposals, as well as to provide local people with an opportunity to provide feedback on the scheme. 

We first consulted on plans for the first phase of the scheme in May 2022 but following feedback and revisions to the proposals, we consulted again so that we could hear your thoughts on our more comprehensive scheme for this strategic housing allocation. 

If approved, the revised plans would deliver a landscape-led development of around 900 high-quality new homes, space for the provision of new primary school, several new sports pitches, and highways upgrades, complemented by enhanced green space and new pedestrian and cycling links. 

You can still view our virtual exhibition boards to find out more about the plans for Erlas Park, and get in touch with the project team by visiting the ‘Have Your Say’ section.

During the consultation, we held two webinars for the public, on Thursday 11th April and Tuesday 23rd April where the project team presented the proposed plans, followed by a Question and Answer session.

Your views are very important to us as we want to ensure that our proposals are delivered in the right way so they can deliver the right benefits for Wrexham.

All feedback we received during the consultation is now being reviewed by the project team before submitting a planning application to Wrexham Council.

Site Location

The site, located to the east of Cefn Road and sits below the Rugby Club, forms part of the wider Cefn Road allocation in the Council’s Local Development Plan, and has been identified for up to 1,680 new homes.

Harworth is tasked with providing up to 900 on the southern parcel of the site, south of Bryn Estyn Road.  

Site Location

The Proposals

Our scheme will deliver: 

  • A sustainable residential development, carefully designed to deliver quality placemaking and offering public open spaces and opportunities for recreational activity;
  • Around 900 high-quality, sustainable new homes in a variety of styles and sizes to meet local demand, with 20% affordable (up to no. 180) helping people to secure housing in their hometown and meeting a known acute local need;
  • Providing a location for a new 420-place primary school, positioned adjacent to the retained green space and accessible via the existing Public Rights of Way network;
  • Retention of existing playing fields with a scheme for drainage improvement works and additional sports pitch provision;
  • A package of highway improvement works to improve capacity in the network with associated Active Travel measures and Public Transport links;
  • Homes located in a convenient location, capitalising on the proximity of nearby shops and services by promoting pedestrian and cycle links;
  • Homes which utilise renewable energy sources, as well as low carbon materials and modern methods of construction;
  • Retention of existing trees and hedgerows and the creation of green corridors throughout the site to protect Biodiversity but also deliver net gains.
Illustrative Masterplan of Erlas Park Proposals

Virtual Exhibition

Find out more about our proposals by viewing the boards in our Virtual Exhibition. You can click and drag anywhere in the room to navigate around the room. To view the boards, please click on the green numbers.

Site Considerations

A considered approach

The initial proposals have evolved based technical assessment undertaken to ensure the plans for Erlas Park deliver a sustainable development that meets the aspirations of the Borough. You can find out more about each aspect that has been considered by reviewing the information provided below.

A copy of all required technical documents can be found at the end of this section.

Designing new homes is about much more than just bricks and mortar. It is about designing a community. A neighbourhood. A place people can call home. Extensive technical work has been undertaken to inform the design principles and planning parameters for the development to establish a clear framework for detailed design moving forward.

This is shown on the parameters plan and has been used to inform the draft illustrative masterplan available. Further information about how the plans have developed can be found in the Design & Access Statement which sets out the vision for Erlas Park; a high-quality, sustainable, landscape-led residential development.  

The site has been identified by Wrexham County Borough Council’s Local Development Plan as suitable to deliver much-needed new homes. As part of the wider Cefn Road (KSS2) allocation, Harworth Group’s proposes to deliver up to 900 new homes at the site.

A Planning Statement has been prepared which demonstrates the need for residential development at Erlas Park, as well as how Harworth Group’s plans accord with relevant national, regional and local planning policies. You can view the Planning Statement.

The plans for Erlas Park will be a landscape-led residential development and extensive consideration has been given to ensure the landscape strategy identifies, retains and protects valued features, elements and attributes of the site, where possible. This will include retaining trees and hedgerows, enhanced through surrounding open space and green linkages.

The Public Open Space requirement will exceed standards, with a community orchard and/or allotments, formal and informal leisure and recreation play spaces. You can read more about the approach taken in the Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment, whilst details of how existing trees and hedgerows have been considered can be found in the Arboricultural Survey.

A key aspect of preparing the plans for Erlas Park was to assess existing species and habitats, with an Ecological Survey having been undertaken. In preparing the plans, Harworth Group has ensured that the green infrastructure strategy has been designed to maintain connectivity of habitats by retaining existing features, such as hedgerows, as well as creating and strengthening connections to existing ponds and woodlands. This will also help to mitigate impacts on wildlife, such as bats, birds and badgers.

The previous highways strategy has also been revised, incorporating several secondary access roads to accompany the previous proposed primary access points off Cefn Road. These vehicular access points would be supported by a number of dedicated pedestrian/cycle access points. These changes will improve traffic flow whilst also encouraging active travel methods for future and existing residents. Improvements will also be made to the A534 / A5156 roundabouts to accommodate increased demand on the local highway network.

There are several bus routes that frequent nearby roads, such as the 5 and 35 on Styrt Holt and the 8 on Sutton Drive / Hullah Lane.

It is envisaged that the spine road which will run through the site would present a fantastic opportunity for a new / rerouted bus route and Harworth Group would work with the bus operators to achieve this. This road will also connect the site to the land south of Holt Road at later stages of development. Further information can be found in the Transport Assessment available and the Travel Plan which promotes suitable travel locally.

Erlas Park will be a highly sustainable development which capitalises on the site’s close proximity to a range of local facilities, such as shops, services and schools. In addition to encouraging the use of public transportation, cycling and walking, a Sustainability Statement has been prepared that focuses on energy improvements, reduced water use, waste management and efficient use of non-renewable material resources, as well as the preservation and increase of ecology and biodiversity assets.

To find out more about how the scheme will create a vibrant and sustainable community in line with national and local policy commitments, please view the Sustainability Statement.

The site is located within Flood Zone 1, which is the lowest level of risk. There are several existing ponds on the site which have been incorporated into the Drainage Strategy and will provide habitats to maintain biodiversity at the site.

The Drainage Strategy proposes that surface water is collected via rainwater pipes, porous paving, channels and gullies which are drained into infiltration basins. The layout proposes several landscaped areas, allowing the development to be divided into three catchment areas, each being served by an infiltration basin to ensure site drainage.

An Archaeological & Heritage Desk Based Assessment and Heritage Impact Assessment have been undertaken to identify archaeological and built heritage assets, as well as assess their importance and impact from the proposed development.

To find out more, please view the Archaeological & Heritage Desk Based Assessment and the Heritage Impact Assessment which can be downloaded.

A Minerals Safeguarding & Prior Extraction Assessment has identified that the site is located within an area defined as ‘Protection of Mineral Resources’ by the Council (Proposals Map of the Wrexham Unitary Development Plan, 2005). It is understood that the site is mainly overlain Devensian Glaciofluvial Sheet Deposits which comprise sand and gravel.

Further details regarding the conditions of the site can be found in the Ground Condition Desk Study Report which can be downloaded below.

An Air Quality Report has assessed the potential impact on air quality due to the construction and operation of new homes on land to the east of Cefn Road. The report concluded that mitigation measures will need to be adopted during construction of the new homes to ensure dust does not have a detrimental impact on people residing locally. Harworth Group is committed to being a good neighbour and would ensure considerate construction measures.

You can view all of the draft planning documents for this proposal by clicking the button below.

Have Your Say

We first consulted on our plans in 2022, when more than 200 pieces of feedback were received. We then updated our plans and consulted again from Friday 5th April until Tuesday 7th May 2024 to ensure that the local community could help shape the future of this new neighbourhood.

Our public consultation has now closed, and we are grateful to all those who shared their feedback on our plans.  We will now be reviewing all comments received before submitting a planning application to Wrexham Borough Council.

You can still get in touch with us by calling or emailing us.

Tell us what you think. We want to know. We are here to listen.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our proposals for Erlas Park in Wrexham.

Harworth Group is committed to listening to local people as the plans development and this public consultation provides an opportunity for the community to have their say. We would welcome all feedback from those interested in helping to shape the future of the local community before we submit our outline planning application to Wrexham County Borough Council.  

Calling our community information line

0333 358 0502 (Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 5.30pm)

Emailing us with your comments, questions or feedback


Completing a feedback form further down this page

Registering to participate in one of our webinars

Thursday, 26th May (6.30pm) and Tuesday, 7th June (1pm). Register by clicking the dates in the welcome section of the site.

We look forward to hearing from you, but please ensure all feedback is provided by Wednesday 15th June 2022 to make sure your comments can be taken into consideration in the final plans.   

Let us know your views and be part of shaping Wrexham’s future!

Data protection: We hold all personal data as per General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 and your personal data will not be transferred outside of its jurisdiction. If you would like to make a GDPR request, please contact Lexington on 0207 025 2300. You can review our privacy policy here.

Join a webinar

The project team held two webinars during the consultation period to allow plenty of opportunity for you to learn more about the scheme, during which the project team presented the proposal plans and held  Question and Answer sessions.

These webinars took place on Tuesday 11th April and Tuesday 23rd April, and we were delighted to virtually meet those who attended.

Get in touch

Although our public consultation has now closed, you can still contact the project team by:

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